Lenox Music is a catalog of hand-made, locally-sourced, free-range, GMO-free music available for licensing.

We specialize in unique and tasteful tracks that are hard to find anywhere else. We partner with brands, agencies and creators to provide musical solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. All tracks are available for non-exclusive licensing. Most are available for exclusive licensing and customization.

Our search tool has been refined and distilled over years, making it unique and easy to use. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can help.

For licensing inquiries please contact


How can I license your music?
Either click the ✉️ button, which will walk you through the steps, or contact us directly at chris@mixtapeclub.com.

Can I have a free (or cheap) license for my (film/project/podcast/whatever)?


Do you provide stems/splits?
Most tracks have stems upon request.

Can you customize these tracks to picture?
Most of the songs can be customized. Because this catalog spans at least 15 years of music-making, there are some missing stems and sessions here and there, or sessions that no longer work because of critical missing software. We can generally find a way to get you what you need.

Was this catalog called “Huma-Huma” or “Mixtape Club Music” before?
Yep. This (ever-growing) collection of work spawned from the collective known as “Huma-Huma.” That music you may have known is all still here.

Are you accepting submissions?

Yes. If you're interested in having your music up here please contact us directly at chris@mixtapeclub.com. 

Do you write original music too?

Of course. We have a great roster of composers always eager to write custom music. We’re happy to discuss your project.

Do you license tracks in-perpetuity?
Not by default, but yes, we can technically provide in-perp licenses. In-perpetuity dramatically increases the price of a license.

Is the music on your site available anywhere else?
Most of the music is owned by Lenox Music and exists exclusively on this platform. Some of the music might be available elsewhere, per the contracts we have with certain composers.

Do you have a rate card?
No, we don’t use a one-size-fits all rate card at this point.