Tickling Ivories
Jokes aside, we think of three facts when we think about the piano. It's technically a percussion instrument, it has a thing for falling on parked cars on TV, and it's where we turn to start writing most of our songs. This playlist is our humble homage to the instrument and the wide world of emotions it arouses. Tee hee... "arouses."

Single Tasker 02:18
Grass Lake 00:59
Engaging 01:31
Camera Speed 01:41
For A Little While 00:53
Camera Speed (Thinking Mix) 01:06
Emily's Heart 00:30
Sidewalk Chalk 02:00
Blue Snow 01:59
Dust 01:29
Star Maps 01:33
Oscawana 01:58
Fortune Cookie Wizard 01:30
Fireside Bubbly 00:58